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From: "Hazel Quammie"[EMAIL]

Date: May 28, 2014 at 10:09:46 PM EDT

Subject:Thank You!! meal for reception on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for preparing the delicious meal for the reception when our guests attended the wake for our loved one Cecile. Thanks for your warm welcome as you opened your restaurant to our group at such short notice. We kept you and staff quite late, but you were kind enough to allow us to use your place well beyond the closing time.

We were anxiously thinking of where to have the reception, and we were led by God to go into your restaurant, and you welcomed us and agreed to prepare a meal for us and our guests. You were very sensitive to our needs. This was indeed being led by God! Your location....right behind The Holiday Inn...could not have been more convenient.

Thanks for all the extras that you added so as to make the reception a success.

Now that we are back in Canada, I have fond memories of that evening spent with relatives and friends celebrating my sister's life.

Wishing you continued success in your business.


Hazel Quammie


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One of my favorites!

by RobinApril 04, 2011

I have known about this place for sometime now but always forgot to go there when trying to think of a place. Well I went there for takeout the other night and found out what I was missing. The food there is wonderful! The restaurant is very clean and beautiful. Everything looked so good that I ended up getting the oxtail, talapia, jerk chicken and Escoveitch Chicken and of course beef patties. Everything was superb and it was liked by my entire family, (2 smaller children included). I would recommend this place to anyone.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I visited Charles last night after play practice and bought so much food. I didn’t know what to get and want to try all sorts of stuff. So I got the oxtail,tilapia, jerk chicken, plain chicken for Isabella (which was out of this world), and of course some beef patties. Everything was very good! We will be there again soon.

Thank you,


ITTS: "Plain chicken" referenced above is the "Escoveitch Chicken" - which is a fried chicken dipped into a sweet & tangy sauce (sauce is made from assorted bell peppers, herbs & spicies, a twist of ginger, brown sugar and other ingredients.. Amazing! .. It is one of the top sellers).

The Morning Call Newspaper by Susan Gottshall - Dec. 30, 2010

" The best Lehigh Valley Restaurant Meals of 2010"

"Island In The Sun Jamaican Restaurant was listed as one of the best restaurant meals of 2010"

" Island in the Sun (921 W. Hamilton St., Allentown, 610-435-4347) The sultry, sensual fare here comes as no surprise, considering its Jamaican focus, but the intensity of flavor tripped the taste buds fantastic. Red pea soup — thick golden brown broth with carrots, kidney beans, beef and satisfying fingers of dumpling dough — was comfortingly addictive. Complex and complicated stew beef sauce revealed layers and layers of savory sensation. Here the food warms body and soul with exotic spice of life."

The Morning Call 082510 - Susan Gottshall

IITS 082510_ Review Article By Susan Gottshall.pdf

The level of service at ISLAND IN THE SUN JAMAICAN RESTAURANT is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Chris H.


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. ISLAND IN THE SUN JAMAICAN RESTAURANT was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” 



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Amazing off the roller coaster.!!!!!!!! A bunch of stiffs and I diecided to do something different.. wanted to try something outside the box of the norm. So I found this Jamaican Restaurant. on the web.. had a lot a good feedback! A bunch of my boys and I are going to Jamaica in the Summer. Opportune time to experience the culture.

We ordered a bunch of foods.. from beef patties, veggie patties, coco bread, jerk chicken (spicy, but balance w/ a bit of sweet.. Awesome) escoveitch chicken (flipping banging), Stew beef, Fritter (cod fish) and cocunut curry shrimp. love the Rice & Peas.

Frat ruling.. The food was BANGING.. off the chart!! Excellent on the overall concensus (my boys are hard to please). Will go back next time for some goat soup.. I love lamb, so that should be fascinating. So I most Defffffffffffffffffffinitely recommend this place.


Crazy Steve!

Denise S.



Driving down McArthur road I was quite excited to see a Jamaican Restaurant. Island in the sun. And after a hearty lunch which followed many other visits, I can safely say, if you havent tried it yet, you are missing something.

The location although not very appetizing can be very misleading. I promise you the Caribbean warmth will engulf you once you enter the restaurant.

The decor is very cosy and tropical. The service quite quick and friendly.

The menu is a delightful Caribbean embrace which should make you salivate.

I highly recommend their beef and chicken patties for appetizers.

Their jerk chicken and brown curry is a must and so is their goat curry.

Do try their chocolate cake for a dessert.

Their prices are very reasonable and 35 bucks will get you a wholesome 3 course lunch/dinner.

This restaurant is a blessing for those in search for something different and good food.

Soumya R.


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My girlfriend and I had dinner here earlier tonight. I never had a Jamaican meal until tonight. I've had jerk chicken from a Jamaican food stand, but not a full meal.

The restaurant is located in a short strip mall next to a take out Chinese restuarant and an adult film/book store. The interior is small and has tables set up throughout with wicker chairs.

We were immediately greeted by a smile and seated. The menu consists breakfast and lunch/dinner sections. We decided to go with a sorrel drink, a beef patty, a chicken patty, jerk chicken w/ white rice, and curry goat with pigeon beans and rice.

The sorrel was a dark, reddish drink made from leaves and has a little bit of rum in it (not enough to be considered a mixed drink). I didn't quite get into it, but my girlfriend enjoyed it. It has a very herbal flavor to it which is probably why I didn't enjoy it.

The patties came out within 5 minutes and were incredibly tasty. I can't decide which one I liked better. The patty filling was meat in spice/curry mixture.

The main courses came out within 15-20 minutes. The chicken and goat were served with the rice, 2 slices of a plaintain, and vegetables. I started out with the jerk chicken. The chicken was tender and had a perfect taste of sweet and spicy. Halfway through, we exchanged platters and I got to try the goat. The goat was very tender and delicious. At first I didn't think that the dishes were that spicy, but as the dinner went on, I definitely started to feel it. It was perfect for the cold weather we've been having lately. We finished off our meal with a rum cake. After the meal we chatted with the waitress/owner? for a while.

The restaurant has take out and breakfast, which I have yet to try. I'm giving this a five star rating because I don't know where else in the Lehigh Valley I could get Jamaican food, the staff is very friendly, and the food was just downright delicious. I would definitely come back here in a heartbeat.

Brian L.

Philadelphia, PA


"Simply the best!"


Allentown, PA


They don't call it Island in the Sun for nothing. My husband is from Jamaican and he LOVES the food there. Curry Chicken, Red Snapper, Fish Soup, Pea Soup, Stew Chicken, Oxtails and fried chicken-- ITS ALL GOOD!!!

Aug 28, 2009 by Guest563535


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Oxtail w/Rice & Peas... HMMMMMMMMMMMH.... Banging! Real Good! My friend had Brown stew fish... Well, "Mr. Chef man... YOU PUT YOUR FOOT IN IT!" I'll be back!! Kay

Aug 14, 2009 by Guest52024


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Great! Excellent! Succulent! Go check it out for yourself.. my favorite: Escoveitch chicken and Rice Peas + Curry Goat White Rice.. YUMeeeeeeeeee!! Becky

Aug 20, 2008